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At Meditorch, we continuously thrive to provide quality education through our CME products. Developed in collaboration with renowned surgeons and proficient technologists, our CME products cater to the exact needs of surgeon fraternity and help them make surgeries safer.

In addition to transmitting live and recorded surgery procedures, each of our videos offer a broad-spectrum of information like pre-operative investigation, pre and post-operative measure, warning signs in post-operative period etc.  

We endeavour to provide a near OT experience and have developed a system equipped with annotation and tagging. Annotations are a great help for Q&A and telementoring when referring to an instance in the surgery. They also enable a viewer to revisit or learn only a part in the surgery thereby saving timeThe anatomy tagging feature helps keep track of any change that may occur during surgery.  Meditorch CMEs give comprehensive understanding of surgery from pre-operative measures, surgery procedure, instrument handling to post-operative care. 

Currently, we offer Surgeon Training and Mentoring for minimal access surgery, Orthopedics surgery, ENT surgery, and Neurological surgery which are called LapGuru, OrthoGuruENTGuru and NeuroGuru respectively. 

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