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Surgery training institutes organize workshops ranging from a day to a week; while such workshops are very informative, they are a one-time thing and fail to make a stronger impact. To reap maximum benefits out of surgical training, Meditorch has come up with a distance learning framework for surgery training institutes. We offer a foundation course before such workshops or training programs and using our platform institutes continue mentoring surgeons until they gain the necessary skills and confidence to perform surgical procedure independently.

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3 Simple Steps

Step 1 – Pre-Course

This is a foundation course where surgeons go through curated videos that show the entire surgical procedure starting from pre-op to post-op care. These training videos are not regular videos available on online streaming platforms. Equipped with annotations, anatomy and instrument tags along with interactive sessions these videos are a comprehensive guide to a surgical procedure and instrument handling. The interactive sessions help surgeons resolve doubts. The objective of this step is to gain the necessary knowledge for the hands-on course.


Step 2 – Hands-On

The learning in the pre-course stage is put into action in the hands-on course. The surgeons who undertake this course get an opportunity to be trained under internationally acclaimed faculties. The training is conducted using Virtual Reality Simulators or on animal tissue and animal cadaver models that are created to provide a near live surgery experience.


Step 3 – Post Course

The post-course is what makes our distance learning stand out. Through this, the mentors continue to guide and train the surgeons via discussions, videos, or webinars. Surgeons can also send operative videos to mentors for feedback on strong points and improvement areas. Through this step mentors hand-held surgeons until they gain the necessary experience and confidence to perform surgery independently.

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