CME program

Meditorch is a platform that delivers surgeon-led, live and recorded surgical training. Our surgeon training and mentoring program is comprehensive and provides a near operation theatre experienceSurgeons can upgrade their skills and maintain competency as our mentoring programs are conducted by some of the best surgeons in the world. We also provide an opportunity for doctors who wish to be part of this revolutionary online continuous medical education initiative. 

A larger part of the surgical procedure involves medical devices and suppliesMeditorch helps doctors and medical device manufacturers work closely to bridge the gap between medicine and engineering and thereby provide a holistic approach towards safer surgeries 


20000+Registered Surgeons
150CME Events
A multi-collaboration


Surgeons planning to benefit from CME

Conference Organizers to connect with a larger audience

Equipment Manufacturers for a dedicated market place

Pharmaceuticals looking for newer avenues



The one secret ingredient that can boost market share of medical device manufacturers

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5 for the price of 1: The one proven methodology to address the 5 needs of medical device manufacturers

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Broadcasting Surgery – The technology already exists – all that’s required now is some enthusiasm!

Broadcasting Surgery – The technology already exists – all that’s required now is some enthusiasm! Surgeons work right on the forefront of healthcare. Conducting life-changing and life-saving procedures, they are responsible for delivering essential interventions in acute, critical and emergency care. In the current digital era, the viewing of live surgery is considered to be Read More

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